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Name:Loki Odinson, of the line of Laufey
Location:Broxton, Oklahoma, United States of America
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Ah well..."sticks and stones," as they say...

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asgard, b.f.f.s!, being a quick study, being free, being sly, being trustworthy (maybe), being well-informed, birds, books, cheating at cards, choosing my own path, collecting magical items, creative truth-telling, death, escaping the past, fandral the dashing, feasting, frigga the all-mother, having fun, hel, hela, hogun the grim, ikol, internet memes, knowing things others don't, lady frigga, lady sif, late-night museum visits, leah, learning, libraries, life, magic, making...friends, mephisto, mischief, mortals, my brother, new beginnings, not giving straight answers, not loki-football, not really odin, not trolls, peter parker, playing cards, protecting thor, reading, running away from danger, saving thor, schadenfreude, second chances, starktech, stealing cars, stealing things, steve rogers, the avengers, the internet, the world seed, the world tree, thor, tony stark, trickery, triumphing unfairly most fairly!, volstagg the mighty, wordplay
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